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Baja Sunburst Pebble, ½-1"

Baja Sunburst Pebble, ½-1"

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Baja Sunburst Mexican Beach Pebbles are a bright, vibrant, and attractive natural pebble. A blend of beautiful oranges, browns, and tans make these stunning stones an eye-catching addition to your landscape project.

Naturally tumbled by the ocean on the beaches of Mexico, these pebbles are typically used as ground cover, in landscape and garden beds, in planters, or anywhere else an elegant decorative pebble is called for.

These pebbles are also commonly known as Mexican cobble, beach cobble, river pebble, river cobble, and unpolished Mexican Beach pebbles.

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Foliage protection - Outdoor and indoor gardens - Ponds and fountains - Flower arrangements, Japanese rock gardens - Residential and commercial landscaping - Flower bed edging - Center pieces - Arts & crafts

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